Manuela Latini is a business consultant and tax accountant that can boast significant experience and expertise gained in Luxembourg, where she worked for medium and large companies in assisting in shareholders and directors meetings, in amendments and judicial disputes, as well as in the internal and external auditing of mainly Luxembourgish and European companies. She is also qualified in the preparation of financial statements, Luxembourgish taxations and preparation of tax statements.

Qualified to practice the profession of chartered accountant since 2007, she is also in possession of the Autorisation d’établissement issued by the Département des Classes moyennes of Luxembourg, for the recognition of the Italian qualifications giving her the right to operate in Luxembourg as a Expert Comptable.

  • Investment and Management Consulting
  • Tax Litigation
  • Non-Commercial Entities
  • Extraordinary Transactions
  • Other Areas

Manuela Latini’s recent operations

    Filippo Santececchi
    Filippo SantececchiPartner
    Filippo Santececchi offers his clients extensive expertise in the fields of company restructuring, tax planning and internationalisation developed during his collaboration with one of the main tax and accounting firms in Luxembourg.
    Alessandro Santececchi
    Alessandro SantececchiPartner
    Listed in the Register of Certified Chartered Accountants and in the Register of Auditors of Rome since 2008, Alessandro Santececchi is specialized in accountancy as well as business and tax consulting. In 2010, he completed a Second Level Master’s in international taxation at the University of Leida.
    Rosa Maria Coppola
    Rosa Maria CoppolaPartner
    Chartered accountant Rosamaria Coppola coordinates the administrative accounting sector of Studio Santececchi, with a particular focus on the preparation and reclassification of financial statements, review reports and period budgets, the drafting of the UNICO SC, PF, PNF models.
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