Online Consultancy

Studio Santececchi offers old and new clients the possibility to benefit from an online consultancy service in accounting, tax, management and labour fields.

By filling in the form that you will find below, you will be able to submit your questions and requirements to the Studio to then be quickly contacted via phone or email to define the best method to proceed with the consultancy.

The professionals of Studio Santececchi can send you written advice or can plan a videoconference call with you, that will save you the time and costs related with traveling.

In terms of payment, a simple crediting system through Paypal will guarantee immediacy and discretion.

  • Corporate Consultancy
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Financial Audit and Consultancy
  • Mangement and Investment Consultancy
  • Labour Consultancy
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The prices include VAT and any additional fees and apply to each hour or fraction thereof.  
Studio Associato Santececchi reserves the right to indicate additional services and related fees based on the specific needs indicated by each client.
Studio Associato Santececchi’s remote services
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