Meticulousness and continuous updating

Correct company performance also includes an up-to-date and attentive account management, able to guarantee the client total compliance with the company’s performance and legislative provisions.  Studio Associato Santececchi monthly, quarterly and semiannually prepares periodical financial reports to offer clients real-time readings of the dynamics that characterize the company performance.  It is a procedure that is not only useful for large companies, but also for those companies who want to go above and beyond subject perceptions of the period and compare the current management with that of the last period, or of the same period of the previous year.  The same attention is necessary in the financial auditing services, which offer completeness and truthfulness no only to the client, but also to the counterparts of future partnership arrangements or acquisitions.

  • Establishment and maintenance of accounting for companies and commercial and non-commercial entities
  • Drafting of periodical reports on budgeting and related reports
  • Drafting of annual budget, of the management report, and of the relative shareholders report
  • Assumption of auditing and statutory auditing responsibilities
  • Financial audits and due diligence

Recent operations and updates

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