Taxation as a competitive factor

In a competitive context that is becoming more and more complex, tax planning, both at the national and international level, has become a determining factor, able to determine the success of an investment or a company.

In this field, Studio Associato Santececchi offers a wide-range of services, from the compilation of income tax forms for physical persons and share capital companies, to the execution of recurring and daily bureaucratic, administrative and civil obligations, and the handling of specific issus of international taxation such as transfer pricing and the management of revenue streams outside of Italy.

  • Preparation of tax declarations for physical persons, companies and entities
  • Fulfilment of all obligatory requirements (F24, INTRASTAT, black list, avvisi bonari, spesometro ecc.)
  • Expertise, advice and valuation on fiscal matters
  • Tax planning (national and international tax planning)
  • Transfer pricing – Preparation of the Country File
  • Visas
  • Preparino of tax documents for the Italian Revenue Agency 

Recent operations and updates

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